Percival Lafer MP81 Leather Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Percival Lafer MP81 Leather Lounge Chair and Ottoman

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Original 1970's Percival Lafer MP81 arm chair and ottoman.

Recently re-upholstered with buffalo hide and ready to bring that mid-century warmth and elegance to your space.

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Percival Lafer is a contemporary Brazilian furniture maker and pioneer of the Brazilian Modernist movement. He is most famous for his chair and sofa designs, which combine low-profile hardwood structures with plush leather upholstery. “I’ve always been drawn to the motion features of furniture,” he’s said. “The engineering and design work that goes into its mechanisms is fascinating and fulfilling.” Born on April 12, 1936 in Brazil, he studied at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University College of Architecture in São Paulo. After graduating, his father passed away and he and his brothers took over LAFER, his father’s furniture company. The designer currently lives and works in Campos do Jordão, Brazil.

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